Niche x Connora

For a few years now, Niche Snowboards have been working on a project with Connora Technologies to pioneer a new way to make snowboards. Their goal was to make it so that all of our manufacturing waste, and even end of life products themselves, are 100% recyclable.

Niche is proud to introduce their first set of products using the Recyclamine® resin system: a true zero-waste manufacturing solution.

U.S. landfills released an estimated 163 million tons of CO2 equivalent to the atmosphere in 2014 alone. Every time we throw something away, we contribute to climate change. But making small steps to protect our environment does have a massive impact. This doesn’t mean you need to radically uproot your lifestyle, or expect massive changes overnight. Your decision to be part of the solution starts with your point of purchase, and for Niche, the way they create those products in the first place.

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